Road to Hana: A Beginner’s Guide


When in Maui, the Road to Hana is a must see for everyone, even return travelers. The road is as beautiful as it is dangerous, with 59 single lane bridges and 640 curves. Cars drive past sometimes at high speeds, with little to no room to maneuver next to the cliff-side. Make sure to obey the rules of the road, for everyone's safety.

But is it worth it?



The Road to Hana circles around the most lush and beautiful scenic parts of Maui while passing by Maui’s most famous beaches: Koki Beach, Hana Bay, and Wainapanapa Beach to name a few. Each with a unique experience of Maui.

But which sites should I stop at to get the best experience?

Here are our Top 5 Places to stop at while driving on Maui’s Road to Hana:

1. Koki and Homoa Beaches
Koki and Homoa beaches are 2 of the most beautiful beaches in the State of United States and a must see while on Maui. Breathtaking white sand beach and turquoise colored water and the rainforest all coming together right down to the shoreline.

2. Hana/Hana Bay
What would the Road to Hana be without Hana?
Hana is a perfect example of Maui’s Aloha Spirit. Their Aloha Spirit is shown through their artwork, lifestyle, and culture. Convenience Stores sell amazing trinkets to bring home for friends and family.

3. Wailua and Keanae
These two Hawaiian Villages has retained the original history and lifestyle of the Native Hawaiian’s of Old while passing through the Road to Hana scenery. See why Bananas, Taro, and Pigs were the cornerstone of Hawaiian history while relaxing with one of their famous shave ice desserts.

4. Ulupalakua Ranch
While most visitors are unaware, Maui has gigantic, beautiful cattle ranches on the back side of the Island. The Road to Hana is perfect for visiting and tasting our famous Grass-fed Maui Beef. Delicious.

5. Hookipa Beach
Last but not least, as you pass through the Road to Hana, stop by Hookipa Beach. Surfers fly in from around the world to show their skills at the Windsurf Capital of the World. Maybe test your skills if you are interested.

You cannot go wrong on the Road to Hana. Every stop is beautiful and rich with Hawaiian history.

Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions for future travelers.



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